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Too funny.
Mason and Myself are having our 6 month together today.
Moved back home from Bushys
I want to do nothing but just stay comfy and happy.
There is no such thing as to many stickers.


Get centerlink happening. -check-
New Years Resolutions video.
Dramatic hair change.
Squats e’rynight.
Install CD player, speakers and sub.
Get a new job.
Print some t-shirts.
Find a home.
Be creative and do art.
Update my wardrobe.

After i finally move in to my own home, I want to get myself a baby bully. So fucking cute.
Had a lovely day today. Thank you Miss Izzy. 

I’m going to try and post something once a day on here, make it more active.

Nearly † Witch - c0sita: boobs: Photo | via Tumblr en We Heart… en We Heart It.


A nude photo shoot would boost my confidence like no tomorrow. It would be for my eyes only but, food for thought.

Would need to find a trust worthy photographer.

I wish I had more time for my little princess. She really lights up my mood.