Ganga goddess.

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Mason and Myself are having our 6 month together today.
Moved back home from Bushys
I want to do nothing but just stay comfy and happy.
There is no such thing as to many stickers.


Get centerlink happening. -check-
New Years Resolutions video.
Dramatic hair change.
Squats e’rynight.
Install CD player, speakers and sub.
Get a new job.
Print some t-shirts.
Find a home.
Be creative and do art.
Update my wardrobe.

After i finally move in to my own home, I want to get myself a baby bully. So fucking cute.
Had a lovely day today. Thank you Miss Izzy. 

I’m going to try and post something once a day on here, make it more active.

Nearly † Witch - c0sita: boobs: Photo | via Tumblr en We Heart… en We Heart It.


A nude photo shoot would boost my confidence like no tomorrow. It would be for my eyes only but, food for thought.

Would need to find a trust worthy photographer.

I wish I had more time for my little princess. She really lights up my mood.

Rae, Fridge, Gavin and myself went to Sydney in Saturday to see Grant Morrison and Gerard Way at the Sydney Opera House. It was the first time I had ever been near or in the place, it was beautiful and we had amazing seats right next to the stage to see the boys.